Asset Tracking

  • Predictive Assets Monitoring : Tracking and monitoring critical assets such as A.Cs, Set-top boxes, UPS units.
  • Airport Management : Providing tracking of containers, equipment and containers within large yards.
  • Container / Wagon / Pallet Tracking : Tracking of large movable assets such as train wagons as well as containers and pallets that are in transit.
  • Warehouse / Cold Storage Management : Managing the correct temperature inside cold storage / warehouse units.

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Our optimised solution toolkit consists of:

  • Location trackers: It is used to track the location of objects they are attached to. It can extend from tracking machineries and equipment to tracking parcels.
  • Gateway: Acts as the bridge/path connecting the end devices to the internet. The gateway receives data from the nodes and sends it to the network server.

Our web-based, easy-to-use diagnosis software being infinitely scalable, and its web -based nature allows easy access for anywhere. Providing clear insights to data like current location of assets, like machineries, important parcels. With clear visualization in easy-to-read insights, clear status of assets can be evaluated, and necessary steps can be taken accordingly.

At Joining Objects, team of expert engineers trained to understand business objectives, providing optimized solutions to slove your tarcking and mangement problems. From optimized solution planning to solution implementation, we got you covered.

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