Revolutionizing Asset Tracking

Implementing Predictive Assets Monitoring

In the dynamic landscape of the Internet of Things, LoRaWAN emerges as a powerful solution for asset tracking and predictive monitoring. At Joining Objects, we proudly showcase our successful implementation of a LoRaWAN-based asset tracking system designed for diverse applications, including predictive assets monitoring, airport management, and container/wagon/pallet tracking. Our solutions extend their capabilities to warehouse and cold storage management, demonstrating a versatile and reliable solution for addressing complex tracking challenges.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Real-time tracking and monitoring of critical assets lead to enhanced operational efficiency. Predictive maintenance minimizes disruptions, reducing downtime and optimizing asset performance.

Cost Savings

Proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance result in cost savings by minimizing unexpected repairs and replacements. Efficient logistics and supply chain tracking contribute to overall cost efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention

Continuous tracking ensures the security of valuable assets during transit. Providing immediate alerts in case of unauthorized movements prevent losses due to theft or mismanagement.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Container, wagon, and pallet tracking streamline supply chain processes, ensuring timely deliveries and reducing transit times. Improved visibility into asset locations facilitates better decision-making in logistics management.

Quality Assurance in Cold Storage/Warehousing

Real-time temperature monitoring guarantees the preservation of goods in cold storage and warehouses. Compliance with temperature regulations is ensured, preventing spoilage and maintaining product quality.

Big Changes

Predictive Assets Monitoring

Shift from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance of critical assets, resulting in a saving of 70% of the previously incurred loss.

Airport Management

Real-time tracking minimized losses occurring due to misplaced or delayed assets, resulting in a saving of 60% of previously incurred losses.

Container/Wagon/Pallet Tracking

Incidents of asset loss or damage during transit were reduced through continuous tracking, saving 40% of previous losses annually.

Warehouse/Cold Storage Management

Real-time temperature monitoring reduced losses due to temperature-related spoilage, saving 80% of previous losses.

Overall Impact

The successful implementation of the asset tracking solution has resulted in significant cost savings across various aspects of operations. The proactive approach to maintenance, enhanced security, and streamlined logistics have made substantial contributions to overall financial efficiency. This underscores the potential of Joining Objects’s solutions as a cornerstone technology in reshaping asset tracking and management in the IoT era.