LoRa® Integration

  • We can integrate LoRa with any data wired transmission to wireless data 2way transmission.
  • Any third party integration is possible with lora technology.
  • Any data transmission though 2g,3g,4g can be replaced with lora.today, we have many long-range, low-cost wireless sensor devices at our disposal that enable us to create efficient Internet of Things (IoT) networks.With such devices, we can take advantage of disruptive wireless technology to automate the flow of information between independent, internet-enabled devices.
  • The IoT has implications for next-generation cities, building security, medical device monitoring, industrial manufacturing, and more.
  • The challenge now lies in understanding how to deploy these sensors effectively to maximize ROI and minimize expenses. There are many strategies when it comes to choosing the right wireless standard for your business, as well as picking the best sensors for your needs.
  • Fortunately, you can connect low-cost, off-the-shelf sensors that have nothing more than dry contact outputs directly to your LoRaWAN network. Integrating these devices into your IoT networks is easier than ever before due to the dry contact LoRaWAN bridge available from Radio Bridge.

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